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Added: September 2nd 2011 | Last updated: April 20th 2023

Sep 2nd 2011SINCLAIR QL Picture Gallery (SQPG) version 3 launched as part of the SINCLAIR QL Preservation Project (SQPP) activities.


In a nutshell: This is maybe the largest Sinclair QL related picture gallery (more than 2300 pictures in more than 90 folders) in the universe for you to explore and share. It is free ware (FW)! But, please take note and care of the LEGAL STUFF further down.


Sinclair QL Picture Gallery (SQPG) on OneDrive

Legal stuff

All pictures in this gallery are photos, videos or scans taken by me or by friends of mine and thus are my or their intellectual property.

Q: May I use those pictures on my web page, social media, publications or in other projects?

A: You can use the pictures (e.g. on your web page) if you observe these rules:

1) Give full credits and name the source. Here's a sample: Picture courtesy of Urs König, Sinclair QL Preservation Project (SQPP).

2) Be gracious and link back to the Sinclair QL Preservation Project (SQPP) webpage https://sinclairql.net/preservation_project.html at a minimum.

3) Please don't declare the picture to be your own (work). It simply isn't.

4) Use it for non-commercial purpose only! For commercial usage, you need to get my formal approval.

5) Please give me a note if you use my pictures.

QL forever!

Urs König (aka QLvsJAGUAR)

Send an eMail to Urs König's "QL" mailbox (replace -at- with @).

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